Pitch Perfect 3 is not going to Bring Back Trebelmakers

Music is a powerful form of reviving a soul and a movie related to the subject of cappella is definitely bound to win hearts. Likewise, Pitch Perfect has not only fetched praises but have also earned tremendous amounts and made a great business at box office as both Pitch Perfect 1 and the second entry of the movie series have earned humongous figures.

An now that the filming of the third entry of the musical movie got over people have already started imagining Pitch Perfect 3 to become a great hit. However, the shooting got over a while back and people got to known about the same when a short video of the star casts rejoicing was posted on the Twitter account of Pitch perfect 3 and the conclusion of filming was mentioned in the caption itself. The very first entry of the intriguing movie series was whelmed by none other than Jason Moore which got rolled out in 2012, then came Pitch Perfect 2, released in 2015 and whelmed by Elizabeth Banks and now even Pitch Perfect 3 has got a new filmmaker who is Trish Sie and people are having great hopes from Sie this time. Pitch Perfect 3 is bringing back Anna Kendrick who will be again depicting Beca Mitchell.

However, the movie is produced by Max Handel man, Elizabeth Banks and Paul Brooks while the third and upcoming entry has been written by Dana Fox, Kay Cannon and Mike White. The original Twitter account of Pitch Perfect has a lot in store for people when the filming was going on as few videos related to the behind the scenes was uploaded and it was fun to watch those videos. Even the shoot locations looked amazing in the videos.

Nevertheless, one sad thing about Pitch Perfect 3 is that the forthcoming entry is not going to bring back Trebelmakers. They did play a great role in the movie series and their absence might make Pitch Perfect 3 a little dull. However, the fans are obviously going to miss the Trebelmakers in the third installment of the musical film series.

Fat Amy who we have already seen head over heels in love with Bumper might just walk down the aisle this time so does that mean that Fat Amy is going to get married finally? Actually this speculation is going turn in to a truth because almost every single person who is a die hard fan of Pitch Perfect is discussing about Fat Amy and the thing which we can expect related to her in Pitch Perfect 3.

Ruby Rose appearance in the musical movie’s third installment is also at rife though there are no assurance related to this rumor but we did get a hint of the same when the actress was spotted on the sets of the third installment.

Pitch Perfect 3 release date might still has time (December 22) but the fans just cannot restrain themselves from talking or discussing about the musical film. And this shows the amount of buzz Pitch Perfect 3 has created.

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