Cars 3: Lightning McQueen to Have a Tough Due to All his Rivalries?

One of the pivotal things about animated movies is the quality of CGI which is called as Computer Generated Imagery. And the series Cars has an excellent CGI quality which literally makes the viewers connect to the all the fictional characters of the film.

A New Story

Another important thing about an animated movie is of course the voice over as escalates intensity of the fictional characters. And the animated movie Cars has got some of the best voice over given by celebrated actors. Cars 1 as well as the second entry of the CGI film series have garnered huge amounts by making a tremendous good business. And now only 2 months left for the premiere of cars 3 as the next entry of the CGI movie is going to hit big screens on June 16.

Both the first as well as the second entry were helmed by the same director John Lasseter but Cars 3 has been developed by Brian Fee due to which a lot of new things are going to be a part of the upcoming movie. We already have got an idea about how engaging the Cars 3 film is going to be as new antagonist who is given the name Jackson Storm will be waiting to make Lightning McQueen life difficult by giving the character major insecurities.

Lightning is now lagging behind and all the high end cars in Cars 3 are also going to give him complex. However, the new posters and speculations of Cars 3 are spreading like anything and they indicate quite a lot. New poster rolled out by Disney says it all as it shows how Jackson Storm and Lightning are facing each other on the Piston Cup racing and by looking at the scenario you can depict how strong or stiff the competition is going to be.

Cruz Ramirez is also making news these days as the character will be extremely helpful to Lightning and will do her best to get McQueen out of the tough time that he faces. And this will surely boost the confidence of Lightning so that he can also give Jackson Storm a strong competition. And apart from Jackson even there are some more high end cars who are predicted to be another reason for Lightning’s agony due to which he will be upset maximum number of times.

Cruz Ramirez is a great technician who is going to settle things down for Lightning and we are also going to witness another new and fresh character in the third installment of Cars who will be called Natalie Certain and the character will be given the voice of Kerry Washington. However, Natalie will be seen as an analyst of voice racing.

Apart from them, there are some more characters who might get introduced and they are business car named Sterling and derby pro called Miss Fritter which will be voiced by Lea DeLaria.

However, Cars 3 is definitely going to emerge as another successful CGI animated movie of the popular franchise.

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