If You Want To Get Good Salaries | Doors Of These Banks Are Open For You

Keeping employees satisfied in terms of monetary and non-monetary incentives is the most important task of every organization for achieving its goals and objectives. Everyone wants to earn good salaries and recognition from the employer which makes banking sector the most preferred career option these days. If you want to get good salaries, then doors of below-stated banks are open for you.

Here, you will get glimpses of leading banks in India which offers good pay packages and additional allowances to their employees. However, salary packages also depend upon other factors like a financial performance of individuals, work performance, profitability of the bank, level of technology Upgradation in the bank etc. but we have listed some banks that surely offer good starting pay to its employees which contribute to their overall development.


State Bank Of India

One of the highly reputed and largest commercial banking organizations, state bank of India is serving its customers effectively with its products. It has a large number of clients base with various branches and business volume. It offers attractive pay scale to its employees and also achieved titles of beginning the highest paying bank in India.

Jobs Average Annual Salaries
Bank Manager INR 240,632 – INR1,006,655
Chartered Accountant INR 222,263 – INR1,129,798
Bank Clerk INR 138,808 – INR 375,517
Loan Officer INR 117,125 – INR 467,858
Branch Manager, Banking INR 208,841 – INR 936,989

UCO Bank

UCO popularly recognized as United Commercial Bank which is one of the leading bank in the whole industry. It is not only familiarized for its good products and services but also due to its dedicated workforce. The salary package offered by the UCO is very good which varies according to the job profile as stated below.

Jobs Average Annual Salaries
Assistant Manager INR 200,500 -INR 610,750 (with an annual

 average of INR 299,316)

IT Officer INR 36,000-INR 39,000 (monthly)
Manager INR 420,000-INR 700,000 (with an annual

 average of INR 590,000)

Relationship Manager INR 38,000-INR 41,000 (monthly)

UBI Bank

Another highest paying and highly reputed bank is the united bank of India. Despite paying 2% less than market standards, UBI is still paying high salary along with additional perks to its employees. Have a look at the annual salaries of financial research and branch manager.

Jobs Average Annual Salaries
Financial Research Analyst INR 262,557 – INR 1,000,075
Branch Manager, Banking INR 228,203 – INR 977,161

Bank of Baroda

With over 4000 bank branches and multiple offices, the bank of Baroda is among the largest public sector organization. They believe in offering good services to its customers and highly rely on employee’s satisfaction. Proper motivational programs are being organized by BOB to keep their manpower satisfied. And of course, an impressive salary package is given to employees.

Perks/Benefits Payment (Annually)
Cell Phone INR 545,349
Education/Certification reimbursement INR 390,000
Paid Vacation INR 526,205
Pension Plan INR 526,205
Relocation INR 427,293
Sick Leave INR 460,000
Supplemental Maternity Leave INR 480,000

Canara Bank

Canara bank is also a preeminent public sector bank to work. It is one of the highest paying banks, they not only offer good remuneration to its senior profiles employees only but also to clerical staff. So, if you are looking for a job in a good bank which takes care of its employees in terms of monetary incentives, then Canara bank is the best option to choose.

Jobs Average Annual Salaries
Senior Manager INR 420,000-INR 720,000 (with an annual

 average of INR 610,000)

Assistant Manger (Credit) INR 464,000-INR 503,000
Clerk INR 173,000-INR 521,000 (with an annual

average of INR 347,010)

Investment Officer INR 173,000-INR 188,000
Manager INR 500,000-INR 750,000 (with an annual

 average of INR 616,667)

So, If You Want To Get Good Salaries then choose any of above-stated bank as per your choice and avail exciting benefits.

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