Benefits of Using Axis Bank’s Phone Banking

Phone banking has become very popular now-a-days as it has even simplified the problem that are with internet banking like dependency on personal computers/ laptops, visiting cyber café (for those who don’t have personal computer or laptops to access Axis net banking at home), waiting or searching for cyber café in an another city for various purposes.

Phone banking or the mobile banking is very easy, the user just needs to download the online mobile application the bank and get he/ her mobile registered to access the internet banking which can be done either by the branch or by the user itself if he/she is using internet banking. Phone or mobile banking can be done by the user from anywhere on his/her registered mobile only.

Mobile banking reduces the efforts made in offline banking and via internet banking as well. The user needs not to dependent on a personal computer or a laptop or cyber café to access the internet banking. The advantages of mobilfe banking are as follows:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. Interesting user interface.
  3. Banking is possible everywhere and anytime.
  4. Quick, efficient and reliable to depend upon.

The benefits to the customers using Axis Bank’s mobile/ phone banking are as follows:

  1. User can have information about the products and services.
  2. User can collect information about account details and transactions.
  3. User can have information of the cheques issued or deposited.
  4. User can get information about deposit interest rates.
  5. User can get information about ATM.
  6. User can get information about branch location.
  7. User can request for cheque book.
  8. User can request for Cheque stop payment.
  9. User can request for account statement by Email.
  10. User can request for duplicate statement.
  11. User can regenerate ATM PIN for Debit Card.
  12. User can block internet banking user ID.
  13. User can view hot listings of cards.
  14. User can activate or de-activate International transactions on NRE debit cards.
  15. User can request for interest certificate.
  16. User can request for TDS certificate.

Though the list of Phone/ mobile banking is little bit short as compare with the list of the advantages of Axis Bank’s internet banking list but however the same facilities have been provided by the Axis bank that are in the internet banking so that the user may enjoy banking anywhere and anytime and may not suffer from any problem regarding the banking service of Axis Bank.

7 things we know about iPhone 7

iPhone 7 has set a good base for so many rumours that how the phone would actually be, none can tell. However, if we go by the rumours, and once we have a look at all that has been going on the web about the iPhone 7, there are things which we are pretty sure about as far as the iPhone 7 is concerned.

So here we bring to you, the 7 things that we are sure about (almost) the iPhone 7 shall fancy:

  • The phone is all set to be out in September: Now that is something we all pretty much know. September is going to be the month for iPhone 7. But what about the dates? If we go by the rumours, the iPhone 7 shall be launched on September 16 and going by the one week earlier pre-order system, the orders begin on September 9.
  • Metal body with minor changes: iPhone 7 is going to be the same old all metal body and could have three, instead of two variants to choose from; the third being an iPhone Pro. Also, the antenna bands on the back shall cease to exist and only the ones on the top and bottom shall now remain.
  • No headphone jack: We’ve heard enough on this already. With an aim to reduce the size and make the iPhone 7 the slimmest possible, there will no longer be any headphone jack and one would require earpods to connect to the lighting port.
  • Larger battery: With so many features on board, the battery of this device needs some major revamping, and so, we think and kind of know that the iPhone 7 will see a larger and better battery. With the updated ios 10, No more charging issues, finally?
  • No 16 GB: This is also old news now. So no more worrying and hogging about the memory of the iPhone 7 as we will now see a 32 GB base model for the iPhone. So this shall now bring an end to all our memory related problems?
  • New colours: Deep blue? Really? Many are happy and some remain unaffected. But iPhone sure as hell needed to add colour options since we are now all bored of the same old colours that iPhone provides. The Space grey shall now be replaced by a Space black and so all the fans of the colour black can now rejoice.

And that is pretty much about it. 7 things about iPhone 7 which shall definitely turn out to be true!